Bad Boys Do It Well

Bad Boys Do It Well

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Elle Belle By _Elle_Belle Updated Jul 20, 2016

The shy Kara Rowland must leave her New York home and move to California. She hates this idea, since she loves the cold climate of New York, she loves the hustle and bustle of the city, but she has to give this up for the hot and sunny beaches of California. She must give up her perfect lifestyle because her father has been promoted and must work in California. Although, she doesn't want to give up this lifestyle she wouldn't dare tell her father for she knows he's doing this to help her. He's doing this so she has the life she and he have always wanted. He's doing this so that he can offer her all the luxuries she's become accustomed to. 

Roman Rivers has lived in California all his life, and he's loved every second of it. Although he doesn't necessarily love his life, he does love where he lives. What he doesn't love about where he lives, however, is the people. The people he lives with, the people at his school, the people he must converse with. They're not like him. Roman's different to them, and that's what they can't accept. 

Roman is a loner. 
Kara is a loner. 

Roman is, however, very confident. 
Kara is shy. 

Roman loves to be the boss.
Kara is always the outcast. 

No one messes with Roman. 
Everyone sees Kara as an easy target. 

What happens when Roman Rivers sees Kara Rowland and takes an instant liking to her? 
What happens when Roman Rivers, who's always got whatever he wants, suddenly wants Kara?

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Haha, I like it so far. But pink, I think we'll just call it black.
LeAvaleen LeAvaleen Sep 04, 2016
You are amazing you had the most great idea!!!!😀😀😀😀😀
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Pink.......yup I can already tell that I won't like her much
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Bruh how can you complain about California New York is fridgeing dirty ewww😑😒😒