Heartbroken [ Taehyung Fanfic]

Heartbroken [ Taehyung Fanfic]

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box of nothing By Chanyeol2Oppaaa Updated Aug 28, 2016

Taehyung and Yoongi made a deal. What's the deal that made Junghwa so heartbroken?

Read more to find out about the deal and what will happen to Taehyung and Junghwa.

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I never study that much and I sleep during class and yet I maintain A's in my classes
This is me with my actual crush... My school have school groups and he's in mine group... I cri, I crii
My cousin's bday is March 27. Eun Junghwa is basically me except my fav color is orange and I'm not a food fan
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Don't believe them, you know you are beautiful, no need to be depressed or sad in those kinds of things, they just call you ugly because they are jealous of your beauty, FIGHTING! ;)
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I mean....i....i {try to ignore my bias wreckers and all the other super ridiculously attractive kpop idols but} i really like you oppa!