Unbearable Pain...

Unbearable Pain...

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He caressed my cheek with both hands and pressed his lips to mine, his hand going down to my waist and the ither to the name of my neck to deepen the kiss

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer 

"I love you Ari"

Ariana Walz, a not-so-normel teenager, is suffering a lot, physically and emotionally, she has been bullied almost her entire high-school life, she thought it would be the same at her last year....but it wasn't.

Her biggest bullies, Ashton and Justin, were starting to stop bulling her but were still cruel, then some gang came at there school and they became close to Ariana, her life was changing, but there was still hurt, as she had to live alone, due to losing her parents on a car crash and her elder brother abandoned her.

She had one person left....her brother, Caleb. 

But good things don't last......right??

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Hehheyhe when pretty girls calls them selves ugly .... 😒 l
Ploofies Ploofies May 06
Eh...  I don't like how cliche this is getting but I'll read one more chapter and see if I like it or not
Smilehope51 Smilehope51 Dec 22, 2015
He knows dirty secrets that I keep , does he know it's killing me ? 
                              He knows. ...........