Life Goes On(KaiSoo Fanfic) [Originally Written By: Zmonster]

Life Goes On(KaiSoo Fanfic) [Originally Written By: Zmonster]

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Kyungyung By DoKimKyungKai Completed

Kyungsoo is your stereotypical nerd, and Kai your stereotypical bully.  It can be only obvious that there is tension between the two of them, but will this friction remain when they are forced into partnership on a school project?


Homophobic slurs


Cover by Xiummieb

Originally written by zmonster 
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ParkHyoYoo ParkHyoYoo Dec 20, 2016
Try saying that now Jongdae. I dare you. Kyungsoo's hair is atrocious
okaywillis okaywillis Oct 18, 2016
This dude calls me Tarnesha or however you spell that
                              THAT IS NO WHERE MY NAME LIKE WHAT 
                              he is such a retarded human oh my lorddddd
okaywillis okaywillis Oct 17, 2016
/looks around/ bitch who u talkin 2 cause it surely isn't this squishy ball