Life Goes On(KaiSoo Fanfic) [Originally Written By: Zmonster]

Life Goes On(KaiSoo Fanfic) [Originally Written By: Zmonster]

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Kyungsoo is your stereotypical nerd, and Kai your stereotypical bully.  It can be only obvious that there is tension between the two of them, but will this friction remain when they are forced into partnership on a school project?


Homophobic slurs


Cover by Xiummieb

Originally written by zmonster 
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  • bullying
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CuteSquishy CuteSquishy Oct 16, 2017
                              |                |
                              |                |
                              |            0 |                  >;(   Bitch.  Tha door. 
                              |                |
woodstockly woodstockly Jul 26, 2017
"same tbh" i say even though i'm the kid that literally always has the homework done two weeks before it's due
springweek springweek Aug 07, 2017
He's not having fun at all... He stopped having fun when he was like 6 or something. I'm just spoiling the whole thing for everybody oops
springweek springweek Aug 07, 2017
I'm reading this a second time and y'all who are just reading this for the first time, get ready to be traumatized and feel sorry for Jongin mkay. So don't get mad at him or you'll regret it when THAT chapter comes... *shudders*
namgi- namgi- Nov 29, 2017
fag in my language is a kind of wood
                              wood is strong
                              so you literally just told kyungsoo you're strong in romanian lOloloLOlol
thatlithixm thatlithixm Mar 17
Guys stop commenting hyung, it was a simple mistake, one or two would be fine but every single comment is hyung?