Baby Blue h.s.

Baby Blue h.s.

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Saint Therese Taylor By The1DBumbleBee Updated Nov 25, 2016

"Mommy, do you ever touch yourself?" 

"Do you?"

"Mhm..." He nodded, tracing circles on my nipples "...thinking about you."


●Baby Blue●

mattespinosalover24 mattespinosalover24 Jun 27, 2016
David ur drunk. Back up before u throw up and if one drop hits me you'll br gone faster than u can say cry
Drusilla_Blackfire Drusilla_Blackfire Oct 28, 2016
What's wrong with a lisp? I think their cute.  As.  Hell... And attractive 😀😁
Lilli_Says_Die Lilli_Says_Die Jun 19, 2016
now I ain't saying she a gold digga, but she ain't messing wit no broke nigga
justinsmia justinsmia Jul 08, 2016
My Ursula lookin ass teacher from last year has a lisp, on her it was terrifying
Ilovehazzahstyles Ilovehazzahstyles Jul 10, 2016
That is a stutter. And lisps are retarded. I have one 🙄😢