Sunshade~ a Solangelo love story

Sunshade~ a Solangelo love story

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SOLANGELO By solangelo_soul Updated Sep 14, 2016

Will Solace and Nico Di Angelo are complete polar opposites. I mean, bright sunshine and dark shadows can never make a positive reaction can it?

Nico has convinced himself that he despises the sunny son of Apollo and tries to block out any feeling that state otherwise.

Will is utterly confused about his feelings toward the dark son of Hades. He sees himself as nothing but a doctor and a nuisance to Nico, but he hopes that he can become something more. 

But what will happen to this lovesick couple when they overcome their doubts and finally admit their feelings for each other?

All character rights belong to uncle Rick as well as CHB
Cover by @frxxckingvaldez

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Doctor: so you have a server concussion, a broken leg, fracures going down your back tell me how did this happen
                              Me:I was fangirling over solangelo my otp
                              Doctor: you need help serverly
Look sweetheart... when you put a proton and a electron together, with a little bit of neutron, what do you get? An atom! Get this relationship so perfect the only flaw is on the atomic level.
Elsa is ma gurl stop hatin will was right.
                              Like Nick the fox said from Zootopia never let them see they get to you 
                              But I'm a Disney nut Soo
And the 3 days return ( give me even numbers pleeeaaaasssssseeeeee)
Ahem neeks sweetie I think you spelled it wrong it is 
                              H U S B A N D
Hun he’s the gayest of the gays, about as straight as a circle, as curvy as Niki Minaj, so wym?