Sunshade~ a Solangelo love story

Sunshade~ a Solangelo love story

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SOLANGELO By solangelo_soul Updated Sep 14, 2016

Will Solace and Nico Di Angelo are complete polar opposites. I mean, bright sunshine and dark shadows can never make a positive reaction can it?

Nico has convinced himself that he despises the sunny son of Apollo and tries to block out any feeling that state otherwise.

Will is utterly confused about his feelings toward the dark son of Hades. He sees himself as nothing but a doctor and a nuisance to Nico, but he hopes that he can become something more. 

But what will happen to this lovesick couple when they overcome their doubts and finally admit their feelings for each other?

All character rights belong to uncle Rick as well as CHB
Cover by @frxxckingvaldez

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Maze Runner (does this remind anyone of newt? No? Oh nvm then)
NevaNight NevaNight Sep 07
Too bad. Suck it up and go fall in love with your gay Prince Charming.
nicodiphangelo nicodiphangelo Jul 21, 2016
Aww how unfortunate you have to spend all this time with such a gorgeous person. Poor you
unirreversible unirreversible Sep 20, 2016
I love it! Your writing style fits so well with this story and with Nico especially!
iluvanimals456 iluvanimals456 Sep 24, 2016
XD first sentence and I'm hooked. Sounds like Rick Riordan actually wrote this.
Midnight_Demons_666 Midnight_Demons_666 Jul 10, 2016
Nico, love, your gay is showing already, and, Nico, will is a healer and archer.