Reverse Falls (Dipper x Pacifica) *Discontinued!*

Reverse Falls (Dipper x Pacifica) *Discontinued!*

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Francisca By ExhaustedToTheMoon Updated Oct 08

*Discontinued* Two inseparable cousins - Pacifica Southeast and Gideon Pines - are send by their parents to spend their summer vacation at their uncle Bud's Mystery Shack, which is located inside Depravity Falls, where there have been reported a series of mystery murders, which nobody can solve. 

There, the cousins meet The Gleeful Twins, who perform magic tricks at The Tent Of Telepathy. They are well mannered - in front of people with high social status - well dressed, and somehow, they manage to make these dangerous circus tricks seem like it is actually harmless magic. 

But.. that can't be true, right? Magic isn't harmless, and it always comes with a very expensive price many choose to pay, no matter what the consequences.

whats a depravity :D btw i loveeeee your story & your ideas😍
How the heck can chu have tea AFTER murdering the crap outta someone! x,D
so.. it's not that im crying or anything
                              or dying or anything
                              when's the next update because it's not like im 
                              like im
                              crying or anything
How can you calmly have tea, while YOU JUST MURDERD SOMEONE FOR GODS SAKE
stormdog101 stormdog101 Mar 19
Ahhhh! This is so amazing! Trust me, there aren't as much Reverse GF stories like yours. So please! Update!
- - Aug 07
Oml....that's a scary name in my opinion.....sounds like a place where they put you in a chair and torture you to be 'normal' and smile, but like...a cut in smile...