Emerald and the Alpha #Wattys2016

Emerald and the Alpha #Wattys2016

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♡ ⓒⓗⓔⓛⓢⓔⓨ ♡ By scarletraven23 Completed

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Emerald (Emmy) has had a rough life her family and pack killed right in front of her eyes, and learning that not only was she now alone in the world but that the rouges that had killed her whole family were there for her. She didn't know why? Didn't know why she was so special, but as soon as she turned eighteen she found out. 

Dash is now the newest Alpha of the River Stone pack. He is ruthless, vicious, and merciless to those rouges, and he doesn't care about their gender. So when he's told that a female rouge crossed into his territory he simply let's his pack do as they always do. 

He'd never let anyone ruin his reputation, or would he?

  • abused
  • dash
  • family
  • fight
  • lies
  • magic
  • mates
  • mature
  • packs
  • pain
  • romance
  • rouges
  • secrets
  • traitor
  • violence
  • wattys2016
  • werewolf
ChelseaAnderson490 ChelseaAnderson490 Sep 13, 2017
Im not even sure what the veiw is because they say Emerald a lot
Low-key that guy is a pedophile and a rapist  'going to have fun' wtf she's 10years olddddd!!!! 😤
SueZeq SueZeq Oct 12, 2017
Excellent beginning! Its unique and really catches your attention.
Pagen13Princess Pagen13Princess May 29, 2017
You should put in the beginning that you might need some tissues toward the end.
Ariwashure Ariwashure Mar 01
i'm in love with this book now You should write more books like this one
Essiepooh11 Essiepooh11 Sep 28, 2016
It was sad ;-; omg the feels! But I kept thinking of run Boris run lol