Will I

Will I

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#BlackLivesMatter By AltoPentaholic Completed

"Will I lose my dignity, will someone care? Will I wake tomorrow, from this nightmare?"

Support group just seemed like another way of exposing everything that you kept hidden. It is a way to say that you are letting down the walls that covered every inch of your vulnerability. You had to talk about every thought that haunted you, no matter what the circumstances.

Five people with heartbreaking backstories will meet and know of each other. They will share every thought, every heartbreak, every fear, and anything else they could think of. They won't be afraid anymore.

*Based on 'Will I' from Rent and 'Support Group' by LoveCarousel*

WARNING: abuse, death, drinking, drugs, rape, suicide

Queen_Grassi_Hoying Queen_Grassi_Hoying Jul 06, 2016
Mike... What the f🍓ck do you mean "Why are you naked?..." DO YOU HEAR HIM SDREAMING ABOUT TREVOR NOT HURTING HIM?! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK?!!!!!!?!?!!?
KenzieThePentaholic KenzieThePentaholic Feb 19, 2016
                              Wrong time...?
                              Ok. I'll go now...
lilbiadnney lilbiadnney May 27, 2016
                              *grabs knife and gun*
                              All I need is for you to give me Trevor's address
Queen_Grassi_Hoying Queen_Grassi_Hoying Jul 06, 2016
Did you really just come too that conclusion Mike... Really?!
Queen_Grassi_Hoying Queen_Grassi_Hoying Jul 06, 2016
I almost broke down in tears when the first thing I read after "rape" is "Mitch". *sigh* I will power through.
PentaholicSmiles PentaholicSmiles Apr 18, 2016
This is so sad :(
                                I feel so bad for anyone whoever had to go through this pain.. I literally teared up