Why You? I Hate You | Joshua

Why You? I Hate You | Joshua

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Katie Hart hates Joshua. He's her enemy or bully and at the same time her crush). She a nerd but she's outgoing to people. 

They both were best friends in LA until Joshua had to move at the age of 12. Katie was sad that her best friend/crush was leaving to Korea. He made a promise that they will find each other and at the age of 16 Katie finally could see Joshua again.

But instead of her getting a warm welcome by him she was instead greeted by a glare and coldness by him. 

He would always bully her since then. He's in a group called seventeen. They are kingkas in the school.

But they were nice to her and they became close friends except Joshua. She were really close to Vernon, Mingyu and Wonwoo.

But what happens when her enemy likes her back?

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But he's a holy I mean seriously who wants to have a crush on a bamboo ??
- - Mar 19
I said this exact sentence to my friend on Friday. *mindblown*
Mingyu and wonwoo is equal to Minwoo 😏😏😏😏😏😏
HongJisoo1995 HongJisoo1995 Aug 12, 2016