The Unwanted Runt (On Hold)(and editing)

The Unwanted Runt (On Hold)(and editing)

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Ginger_Snap20 By Ginger_Snap20 Updated Jul 15

Christina Black is the runt of the Silver Moon Pack. Most of the pack members make fun of her saying she is weak and going to end up alone, because runts never get mates. The only reason she isn't physically abused is due to her 18 year old brother Ty. Christina has even made her peace with never getting a mate. When her best friends Sarah, Adrian, and Hayley force her to go to her future alpha's 18th birthday party, something surprising happens...she finds her mate!

Cole Wolfe is now 18 years old and is to be the alpha of the most powerful pack in the U.S. He doesn't like the idea of letting anyone, including his mate and future Luna, have any control over him. But when he walks into the party and follows an amazing scent that leads to the only runt in the pack, Christina Black, when their eyes lock he whispers the word he has dreaded... Mate. But when his wolf takes over and they have a one night stand... he rejects her, but she leaves with a surprise...his pups...

Raked 261 in Werewolf 12/4/16

TLove18 TLove18 Nov 09
Omg!!!! Reminds me of Pocahontas n Mulan lol❤️️❤️️❤️️
I think Cole is as ugly af but Ty please meet me in my room tonight ;)
just finished reading your sister's book it was great I loved it