natsu x reader(BEWARE THE LEMONZ!!!)

natsu x reader(BEWARE THE LEMONZ!!!)

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Aki Shizuku By FullBlownPanic Updated Dec 29, 2016


You were sitting at the bar chatting with mirajane.Meanwhile,sipping your (f/d).You diddent notice lucy until she tapped you on the shoulder.You jumped at that.

(you):"AH!D-Dont do that!"you say surprised.
(lucy):hahaha!sorry!"(covers her mouth giggling)
(mirajane):Hi lucy!how are you today?
(lucy):"oh,im fine,you?"
(mira):"the usual.thanks for asking!"
(lucy):"no problem!oh hey,by the way have you seen natsu around lately?he wasent at my apartment,or his place.couldent find happy either."
(mira):"oh,they went on a job.the job requested that someone find a runaway exeed for 700 jewel.they must really miss their cat...poor poor things..."
(you):'huh?'you thought to yourself.'natsu...that sounds familiar...'you went into deep thought about it,trying to remember the familiar person.
(lucy):"hey,(y/n)?you ok?"(puts a hand on your shoulder)
(you):"huh?oh!yeah fine sorry...just thinking about somethin..."

just then someone comes busting through the guild hall doors.

(???)IIIMM ...

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_shoookie_ _shoookie_ Jun 19
                              I don't think anyone would care that you're back :/
😂not really an xReader if its your name being probably changed it tho. Haven't read the other chapters yet
WilDyuRio WilDyuRio May 07
What was the point of puting it as x reader if the reader can't even use their real name?
TheTrueEarl TheTrueEarl Jul 04
I like how you named us after you. Aki Shizuku is your username.
SkyTheDerp SkyTheDerp Dec 16, 2016
Tbh, the name and script ,makes it hard to visualise that its ACTUALLY ME so..
KittyKat8299 KittyKat8299 Dec 14, 2016
Y/N: I'm sorry but who are you?
                              Me: ummm that's natsu your soon to be bf duhhhh