shawn mendes imagines [IN EDITING]

shawn mendes imagines [IN EDITING]

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hannah By sparklingmendes Updated Dec 03

when your a fan girl of the muffin loving, canadian, guitar playing shawn mendes, there isn't anywhere your imagination cant lead you 

(no dirty imagines)

feel free to request an imagine! (pm me) 

- hannah ❤

Wowwwww Shawn. That was low of you. Was the girl Camila? Jk jk jk
pennliy pennliy Jul 09
Looking for Shawn is probably quite easy considering he's 6'2"
- - Nov 01
Sorry I'm just imagining her trying to take off the ring and it getting stuck and her just awkwardly standing there trying to get it off of her finger
MendesMaBae MendesMaBae Nov 03
Oh no not at all she gon kiss u as soon as she gets to know *squeals happiest day of her life
kidinluvs kidinluvs Sep 08
im real shady , that diamond ring could've cost like a grand
MendesMaBae MendesMaBae Nov 03
I love u Shawn