Living Together

Living Together

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acerica0 By acerica0 Updated Aug 25

Psychopath -  a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

synonyms:madman, madwoman, maniac, lunatic,psychotic, sociopath; 

They are violent in many ways.

But can a psychopath change because of Love?

Can a psychopath learn what is emotion when he doesn't even give a damn thing...

That's the question that Mariana Anderson have for herself when her and Suga's path intertwined with each other.

He is a cute guy T^T. Letche flan nakaka nosebleed naman to T.T
After reading that line, I thought the story will be predictable as it always been..
Agad?!?!?!?!oh em di po pwede sorry para ako lay Jin di kay Suga
What you are describing Yoongi as is a sociopath. A psychopath has emotions, sociopaths don't.
Uhmm u got no swaeg! I mean my husband—YOUR husband ! 😂😂
Nabigla ako. Akala ko taglish. pure english pala. Hahaha okay okay. I'll start reading na. :)