In Love With My Step-Brother | On-hold

In Love With My Step-Brother | On-hold

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Baekook :3 By Kookie_xo Updated 2 days ago

Lee Hana move in her mother's new husband's house. She meet her new step brother. She didn't realized that she was fall in love with him. But he didn't feel same way as Hana do...

"Erm...nice confession, Hana...we can't date.." he rejected her. 

What will he do to Hana when he change his mind? Will Jungkook fall in love with his own step sister? 

What about Kim Taehyung? Will he fall in love with her too? 

Enjoy with this new Jungkook Fanfiction ♡♡

Rebeccah16 Rebeccah16 Mar 14
This is the 3rd for I read when someone s name I s Hanna and My name is hannah
DanielleMashic DanielleMashic Jan 13, 2016
I can't wait to read it! It's definitely going to my reading list, it seems really good! Fighting!!
kookie_9812 kookie_9812 Dec 23, 2015
cuddlysuga cuddlysuga Dec 22, 2015
WHY??????? Seriously author your joking right this can't be happening 😫😫 it's not fair
Millybbe15 Millybbe15 Dec 22, 2015
wah!!!! why can't I have already read the story and get to the end.... it seems so good *wipes the single tear falling from thy eyeball* bravo!
                              friend: the book hasn't even started...
                              Me: idc! It's brilliant and I shall support it the whole time! <3
Millybbe15 Millybbe15 Dec 22, 2015
why author nim... WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!?! *dramatically breaks down while sobbing in your legs*
                              SHOWING THE BEGINNING OF THE END WILL ADD SO MUCH OF A CLIFFHANGER!!!..... okay proceeding on