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Cheers, Mathletes, and Touchdowns

Cheers, Mathletes, and Touchdowns

34.8K Reads 594 Votes 25 Part Story
Hannah By annie93 Updated Jul 10, 2012

Is Ignorance really bliss? A love triangle that started with a detention. Stephen County Basketball star meets resident geek Samantha Walker in math room and begins an on/off friendship/relationship. He thinks he has all he wants in a girl in his cheerleader captain girlfriend,April Sanders, but isn't there supposed to be more? Will Alexi open his eyes and see beyond cartwheels and pom-poms,into the world of algebra or will newcomer Josh Turner do it for him? Will Sam take her nose out of her math textbook long enough to see that the world is a beautiful place? Will April discover that she can do better with herself? Whether its a seat in the bleachers at Stephen County High, or the biggest math event of the year, join the bandwagon.

Lollipopfop Lollipopfop Apr 05, 2013
Actually Cheering has become a sport in its own right.  Its a very demanding discipline, and its pretty dangerous too. Especially the flyers do some very dangerous stunts, so this idea like its just some pretty girl past time is sadly out of date, and just doesn't reflect reality.
Lollipopfop Lollipopfop Apr 04, 2013
Mathematicians solve equations, or proofs or whatever, but they don't solve questions. You answer questions, not solve them anyhow. Its sounds silly.
annie93 annie93 Apr 10, 2012
@JaimeshaFernandez loool thank u so much for taking the time to read the story. I look forward to getting ur feedback on the other chapters. :D
CurlyLockz15 CurlyLockz15 Mar 31, 2012
i love love your cover mostly because it has luke blikly on the cover but awesome story i love it already andant wait to keep reading on. ;D
KyozMentallyUnstable KyozMentallyUnstable Mar 13, 2012
OMG This is so good! This story is so well put together. Well detailed and good use of words. You deserve your votes girl! :D
ESummerlee ESummerlee Feb 25, 2012
wow very long, great job, but I'd listen to the comment below me, there's some pretty good tips in there. It seems pretty itneresting so far, so well done!