Girl in a Tower; A Fairy-tale Retelling [COMPLETED]

Girl in a Tower; A Fairy-tale Retelling [COMPLETED]

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For seven years Zel had lived in a tower. A prison. A cell that's only purpose was to separate her from the world she used to know while wars were being planned.

She had been forced into confinement at eleven, and spent every minute waiting. Waiting for when she could go out into the world once more, and get revenge on the man who had stolen seven years of her life. On the day after her eighteenth birthday, Zel was able to do exactly that.

The only problem was that Zel had been expecting to find her home through no sure means. This was why she had originally excepted help from the stranger who had scaled her prison walls; he knew the area, while she...didn't. 

 With no initial want to stay with the man who had found her, but needing someone who knew the way back to civilization, Zel ended up traveling with the man, learning more about herself and the world around her as she traveled.

Against all odds, Rapunzel was going to save her family, her kingdom, and herself. Even if she needed the help of a thief, young boy, and ferret to do so.   

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