I Crave For The Bad Boy

I Crave For The Bad Boy

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Bello Faridat Adesubomi Korede By Reedah2Bello Updated Jul 04

Alyssa's P.O.V.

Ashton, but I like to call him Ash, and I are best friends for four years and I also have this feeling for him for nearly two years but I didn't let him because I was thinking our friendship would destroy. He invited over for a party and I was so excited to be with him, I know I sound weird right now.

It's already seven and he was coming to pick me up by eight, I quickly hop into the shower and scrub my body while letting the hot water run down my body from my hair. I wash my hair with my coconut shampoo then I rinsed it and covered it with a small towel.

I come out of the bathroom with a towel round me, I dry my hair and pack it into a ponytail. I dry my body with my towel and then I start to rub my body with my body cream, I let the cream dry on my body. I quickly wear my black lace bra and pant. I wear my black leather mini skirt and my white crop top that had wine polka dots on it. I slip on my wine five inches court shoes then I loosened my ponytail and straight...

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