Me, Plus 3~A Brothers Conflict Fanfiction {COMPLETED}

Me, Plus 3~A Brothers Conflict Fanfiction {COMPLETED}

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Ema Asahina leaves for the USA to study abroad just as her cousin Jade decides to move back to Japan. They literally "switch spots" as Jade moves in with 11 step-cousins and Ema is halfway around the world.

The girls are total opposites. Ema-brown hair and kind eyes, always looking after her family, everyone's friend, a stable mind and body.

Jade- dark black hair and silver eyes hidden behind thick lenses, pretty blunt but honest, plus she has a "little" mental disorder- multiple personality disorder.

So how will the boys become accustomed to Ema's polar opposite? Or even "4" new girls? Will friendships bloom? Or, maybe even love?

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SerafinaDangel17 SerafinaDangel17 Sep 07, 2017
I have been wondering this for so long the mother she looks young but is she really in between 50-60 because if she was 50 she would have had Masaomi at 19
Akira_Shizumi Akira_Shizumi Jun 13, 2018
Pfft! Respectful… yeah… He stalks people for goodness sake!!!
myoongiblue myoongiblue Jul 16, 2017
WAIT WAIT WAIT. so Jade is 15 years old but is a sophomore in college already?!?!!! niiicceeeeee
nina_angelique nina_angelique Dec 19, 2016
I would be that one uncle that just waits until you freak out so I can have a good laugh.... I'm a horrible person
EmileeMonroe EmileeMonroe Nov 26, 2016
Meanwhile I'm sitting here wracking my brain trying to remember what character he is! (Please don't kill me.)
JadeRiddle6 JadeRiddle6 Jun 20, 2016
I'm already happy just reading the description. With my username you can tell why. (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!)