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SlenderMan lemons!

SlenderMan lemons!

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Maddie By Creepypasta_Lemons_ Updated Mar 22, 2016

Well, this is meh book of SlenderMan lemons! Hope you enjoy your nose bleed
Btw I'll be writing 

Check out my Jeff lemons also ;)

MoonTart MoonTart 2 days ago
All about that bass, 'bout that bass, no trouble
                              (God I don't even like that song and I just thought of it, god why. x3)
MoonTart MoonTart 2 days ago
I imagined big lips on Slendy's face with red lipstick making a smoochy face saying "GIVE ME A KIIIIIISS!"
                              *Screaming goat noise*
MoonTart MoonTart 2 days ago
Me: I love you Sleny~~~
                              Slendy: That's not my name
                              *breaks into song*
                              They call me Bell
                              They call me Stacey
                              They call me her
                              They call me Jane
                              That's not my name
                              THAT'S NOT MY NAME!
Me: *slaps slender* don't be a pervert, child!
                              Slender: YOU DO NOT GET TO CALL ME CHILD!!! 
                              Me: Okay, child...
                              Slender: you shouldn't have done that...
                              BEN: THATS MY LINE!! Okay, if we're gonna play this game again... GO TO SLEEP!! 
                              Jeff: OH NO YOU DID NOT!!!
                              *and so on*
i feel oh my gash so weird i am cringing so much for no reason
Is there an option for " B!tch there is nothing f*ckinng there, it is flatter than a god damned piece of paper "? No? Ok :(