Can Never Escape boyxboy

Can Never Escape boyxboy

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Book 2

Slowly waking up, I felt pain on the side of my neck. Instinctively I touched it earning a small groan of pain to leave my dry lips.

Licking them, I open my eyes and was blinded by the bright light in the white room.

Looking over to my left, I see  a glass of water on the bedside table with two pills to the side. Grabbing the medication and water, I swallowed it, loving the feeling of cool water pass my lips. 

Setting down the now empty glass, I noticed I was wearing black pajama pants with a loose white t-shirt. I don't remember wearing this. Where am I?

All my memory came back at once. Lifting my now shaking hand I touched the painful side of my neck again but this time I felt a bandage. 

My hair was trimmed too I noticed, when I didn't feel my fringe poking my nose. I began looking around the very white crisp room.

Hearing movement across the room I immediately look up into the eyes of Avery's.

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