Troublemaker(Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Troublemaker(Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

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Ariel Valentine had it all. She had the looks, the friends and the grades. She may not have been the most popular girl in school but she was definitely well known. Everyone called her a troublemaker because she would cause everyone (mainly guys) trouble and grief. 

Why is that? Because she enjoys seeing guys get hurt. She has a painful past and doesn't want anyone to know her true intentions. 

When rumors start circling around that a new 'bad boy' is coming to school Ariel takes this as a whole new game. But little does she know that Louis will twist her world into something she never expected. What will happen when he tries things other boys didn't dare do? 

Will she fight back, or be to overwhelmed to do so?

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louiet92 louiet92 Sep 19, 2017
Idk who Louis Tallinson is but I know who Louis Smolinson is...
heartfelthoseok heartfelthoseok May 08, 2017
Oh Niall give it a rest, Niall the bad boy? Niall the church boy more like
SarahTheSmartAss SarahTheSmartAss Jul 28, 2017
Niall the bad boy? Niall the church boy more like.
ari_babe_xoxo ari_babe_xoxo Nov 22, 2016
Oh my full name is Arianna but oh well we have the same nickname
DelaynieElizabeth DelaynieElizabeth Sep 21, 2016
Niall the bad boy? Niall the church boy more like!
                              -Louis Tomlinson
ilyLeafy ilyLeafy Jul 17, 2016
Louis is not fûcking tall. If you call him TALL, then you're pretty fûcking tiny.