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Hogwarts watches AVPM ~Completed~

Hogwarts watches AVPM ~Completed~

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harrypotteraniimee By harrypotteraniimee Completed

That potter needs to be punished somehow. Thought Umbridge. She was headteacher of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. 'I know!' She thought. 'Make them watch that Harry Potter musical them kids gave me. She walked to the hall where everyone was having breakfast. 
'Students I have an announcement. There will be no lessons today.' Cheers went around the room. 'We will be spending about 10 hours watching a muggle made musical about one student in particular at this school. You's all have to watch it no matter what. Go to the bathroom now. My fellow teachers and I will sort out the way the seats will be put.' The students went to the toilets. When they got each there were rows of seats going right across the room. They were all facing the front like in an assembly hall. 
'Sit wherever. It's your fault if you can't see.' Umbridge told them all. 'Okay so enjoy.' She put the first clip on. 

'harry' was sitting on the box in the dark.

Harry-sings. Underneath these stairs I hear the ...

DatOneWeeaboo DatOneWeeaboo 6 days ago
I imagine Draco's voice as AVPM Draco's voice now...I don't regret it.
Penguin_Face1 Penguin_Face1 Jul 30, 2016
Is it sad I just now realized the joke now that it was pointed out? I think that's sad considering I listen to the song about 20 times a day
01234sup 01234sup Oct 13, 2016
It's so funny they're talking like it was actually them and not fans being ott with the characters
I'm doing the choreography and singing while reading this...
I thought I'd let you know: Ive been reading this through out school today and I literally  smile after every few words. While I'm working I think back and I smile to myself. This makes me so happy you don't even know. I love AVPM, AVPS, and AVPSY
It's all that I log and all that I need at Hogwarts, Hogwarts!