In the Hour of Silence

In the Hour of Silence

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Clary has always been silent. After witnessing the brutal murder of her family at age ten, Clary became mute by choice. She hasn't spoken a word since it happened and nothing anyone would say could bring her out of her vow of silence. 

Jace has always been a player. To say he has commitment issues is a huge understatement. He uses one girl and throws her away then next day to go after the next one.

But what do the Fates have in store for the two when they meet? Could they help each other in ways no one ever has before? Because maybe--just maybe--they'll come to realize that the state of mind they've found to be most comfortable isn't so comfortable after all. 

**This story contains mature language, minor sexual references and activity, and some juvenile drinking, smoking, and drug use. All rights and characters belong to Cassandra Clare**

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Wow this is really good writing. It took me a while to find another really good TMI fanfic, looks like I found it! :)
BellaSH13 BellaSH13 May 14
If he only wants her for sex....then that’s really Efed up
gabbie2005 gabbie2005 Jan 11
We don't really use textbooks at my school. If we need to it's in our teachers class. It's also online but we don't really use them
Same, Tessa, same. I can never drink only one cup of orange juice.
myUnicornDontCare myUnicornDontCare Dec 23, 2017
Isn’t selective muteness a mental disorder, and therefore seen as a medical condition?
0MG_its_P1CKlES 0MG_its_P1CKlES Jun 08, 2016
You watched that too!!! I was so made when it got toke of the air!