The Curl Problem

The Curl Problem

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Lilli By LilliBondevik Updated Jun 19, 2016

Okay this is my first story so it may suck......badly. Sorry if it does anyways:

Everyone knows Norway has a curl that floats on the side of his head......though have you ever wondered what that curl did. Denmark was definitely one of those people. He always wanted to see what would happen if he just merely touched or pulled it. Did something bad happen? Something good maybe? Let's find out shall we

~ Warning! Contains Yaoi! If you don't like then don't read. Also may contain some sexual themes or actions....I said may! Not sure just yet~

AlbinoPotato AlbinoPotato Dec 10, 2016
Ŵ㉫ G㉫††ÏǸ $✿๓㉫ ƴA✿Ï tonittttteeeeeee
AlbinoPotato AlbinoPotato Dec 10, 2016
You hear that?
                              *small choo choo in the distance*
                              its the..
                              **if you know where this is from I swear
I bet ice was just down their laughing his bum off the whole time
ashley18090 ashley18090 Jan 14
Iceland - Bye Denmark *whispers* Go make me so Nieces and nephews.
                              Denmark - what ??????
                              Iceland - Nothing. Now go see Norway!
                              Denmark - O-K!
                              Iceland - *Once Denmark has left the room* Don't be to loud. *Accidentally yells* MY SHIP IS SAILING. * Looks around to make sure nobody heard*
Next thing you know Denmark's going to tell everyone, and everyone's going to be going around touching every curl they see.
NomsterCrew NomsterCrew Feb 24
All you guys are close, and then there's me reading this at 4:16