The One Eye Of The Sea

The One Eye Of The Sea

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Queen of  Yaoi Fanfic By GravityFallsPineTree Updated Jan 27

Bill Cipher is a feared and know pirate everywhere. Bill takes what he wants and does what he want and no one dares to stop him. But if they do they won't be alive for much longer. 

Stan is a respected pirate and can be scary at times. He took in the pines twins when their mother and father was murder. He promises to protect them both but that promise is broken soon when Bill Cipher comes in to the picture.

(Dark/hardcore  love)

Dipper didnt technically lose his virginity he just received a BJ  therefore he's still a virgin
                              And I realize that switching the names will spell Stanford
                               I just realize if I switched it would spell Stanford XD
human16178 human16178 Jul 13
So much hate in that last para graph and then it's start to Love u have a greate Christmas
Number-86 Number-86 Mar 13
I would be smacking the life out of Bill 
                              (. - .)
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Um... I'm sorry but it's spelt Captain...... Plz don't kill me