Forget Me Not (Dramione)

Forget Me Not (Dramione)

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AmazingDilHowlter_ By AmazingDilHowlter_ Updated May 28, 2016

The Golden Trio return to Hogwarts for their final year, Professor Mcgonagall puts the previous 6th and 7th years into the same year. The trio looks forward to having a normal year without Voldemort. 

Just as they thought it was going to be a normal year, their owls visit them from the Ministry of Magic.

With the new Marriage Law, how will Hermione survive with Draco and Draco with Hermione?

"After all this time?"

I do not own anything in this Fanfiction. All rights go to the woman who wrote, Harry Potter herself!

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Master has presented Draco with a dead father. Draco is free!!!