spaces + Poe Dameron

spaces + Poe Dameron

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kya is the daughter of luke skywalker. her and poe have been best friends since anyone can remember. one day poe goes missing after being sent out by general organa, and kya will do anything to get her best friend back.

[ story started on December 21, 2015 ]

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- - Oct 08, 2016
I saw the Falcon and she called it garbage I was like: *stay calm stay calm stay calm*
ashtonplease ashtonplease May 20, 2016
roses are red,
                              violets are blue,
                              why is everyone
                              going back to jakku
newtsmolomander newtsmolomander Feb 03, 2016
More like blood orange because there aren't yellow sabers I don't think my head her lightsaber is a blue double sided one that glows like Kylos kbye lol
FandomsUnite123 FandomsUnite123 Jun 01, 2016
Lol as soon as I saw the Falcon and it was called garbage, I tried sooooo hard to not yell out, "HOW DARE YOU! THATS THE MILLENNIUM FREAKIN FALCON!!!"
theteenwithpep theteenwithpep Apr 17, 2016
trashmouthtoziers trashmouthtoziers Feb 08, 2016
My family didn't recognize it at first. So we were arguing in the cinema.
                              Family: That ship is truly garbage
                              Me: ITS NOT ITS THE EFFING MILLENIUM FALCON.
                              Family: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nope.
                              *cue Han and Chewie*
                              Me: I told ya. BOW TO THE STAR WARS TRASH.
                              Family: Keep quiet