The Track Star (An Ereri fanfiction)

The Track Star (An Ereri fanfiction)

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TitanKilerGaySwimmer By The_Silent_Writer63 Updated Apr 29, 2016

When Eren moves to a new Highschool, he learns that he has to join a sport or loose half of his participation grade, so...he joins the Track team.

     But he just so happens to be the fastest runner that has ever came through that school.

     Mean while, Eren catches a certain ravonettes eye.

Melipalo Melipalo Jan 03
I'm glad that Petra is not a b*tch in the story like most of these stories are
Septicphan03 Septicphan03 4 days ago
literally me when Eren and Levi say that they hate each other
TheShipper0330 TheShipper0330 Dec 25, 2016
Biblically: The gayness radiating off of you
                              Fan: You're too sexy for your own good
                              Fan girl: love
                              Fanboy: idk, I'm not a boy.
TheShipper0330 TheShipper0330 Dec 25, 2016
How can he get even Sexier than this?' You may ask yourself... Well here's the answer! 
                                       NO SHIRT
niaraelon niaraelon Feb 08
Don't worry I bet he's only HALFway interested in Marco 
                              This was horrible but who cares
Go short people forever! We should have a short people movement!