Silence Between Us [SeKai]

Silence Between Us [SeKai]

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siro_siro By siro_siro Completed

Kai was always popular kid at school. 

But he had a secret, that no one except him knew about.

He was hiding it well - nobody realised, until this deaf guy Sehun, transfered into his class.

Kai hated him for being deaf and also for opening eyes of his friends.

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Kpop-Trash-T_T Kpop-Trash-T_T 3 days ago
So Kai is also deaf? But he can hear because he probs got surgery?
I know he's dead but I'm not sure if he's fully deaf because he mentioned listening to music so how can he head if he's fully deaf. Maybe he just plays it without hearing but I'm still unsure if he's deaf or progressively deaf
😂 my friends crush walked past us once and we heard him say 'shut up I'm hungry' to his friend and now it's such a funny inside joke we have...
esme380 esme380 Jun 30
Wait im still confused is kai really deaf ? Whats the secret? Can someine explain ?
@kimjongdaein emo gila laki kau ni 😂 nak marah je BAHAHHA
Namaeyi Namaeyi Aug 03
And again - when both of them talk or when only kai does when he is in his own world, I zone off.. I hear no sound no noice - only them (so beautiful)