Kagehina ;)

Kagehina ;)

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mishi san (◡‿◡✿) By 50ShadesOfCiel Updated 21 hours ago

~ Kageyama x hinata smut ~

Includes: fluff ,some angst here and there and lastly  Kageyama the pervert and hinata the pure one ;)

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Ushijima_Bae Ushijima_Bae Nov 24, 2017
Then he must be REALLY REALLY REALLY good, because we've all seen what happens when it all goes down.
AWWWWW, it’s cute cuz it’s so true🌚😍kageyama wouldn’t even let that happen anyway
Gore_Gurl Gore_Gurl Feb 08
I'm just thinking about the video: Salad fingers................
                              Uuhhh....that voice is....gaaaahh! It's just...uughhhh... very uncomfortable...
If two guys can't have sex why do guys have a g spot in their a s s
viheltelen viheltelen Dec 10, 2017
I just laughed so hard bc hinata dont have bravery to stick anything to kags
I jerk off with the same hand..... THAT I PLAY VOLLEYBALL WITH-