Tore Up

Tore Up

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"I love him" 

"But he doesn't love you!", he yelled. 

Everyone looked at us and started to listen. It made me feel a little uncomfortable. 

"He does" 

"No the hell he doesn't! A relationship is holding each other down, loving each other. You are suppose to love a person for who they are! This nigga only loves you if you wear make up and look nice! Yes you can do that! But no one is suppose to treat you like shit when you don't! That nigga don't love you! He loves making fun of you and making others laugh at you!"


"I like you Patience! Make up or not! Cute outfits or not! I will always like you and no one can change that! I just met you and I can't stop thinking about you! That nigga been with you for over a year and still only thinks about himself and not you! If you were mine I would give you the fucking world unlike that uneduated dumbass!"

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Thicc_Hoe Thicc_Hoe 6 days ago
I would be like “no no no honey your aren’t looking in the mirror you are looking at this golden queen you should worship your lucky I don’t sock you in you throat balls ugly ass night lucky I even gave you a mutherfucking  chance”
-sunkissedchild- -sunkissedchild- Nov 12, 2017
Why do you need to be pretty enough for HIM, Sis. Be pretty for yourself, f*** a
Thicc_Hoe Thicc_Hoe 6 days ago
Where is your big dick you talk about to your boys I’ve been faking moans for almost 2 years now
mamaforever1 mamaforever1 Dec 10, 2017
OMFGGGG THATS MY NAME!! I'm sooo serious right now I thought I would be the only with that unique name 😭
myaham myaham Feb 23
yall dont think he looks like the black version of little finger from game of thrones
-sunkissedchild- -sunkissedchild- Nov 12, 2017
And you need to die but I guess we can't all get what we want, can we?