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Of Rust and Gold (Book 1, The Saints' Song Series)

Of Rust and Gold (Book 1, The Saints' Song Series)

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Just guys being dudes By Poindexter Completed

On the hunt for a cannibalistic living god, the last thing a politically-ambitious prince has time for is the foul-mouthed pirate he can't stop thinking about.


As ninth in line to the throne--and a legitimized royal bastard to boot--Prince Argus is desperate for the political power that will make the world see him as an equal to his brothers. A favor for a favor should get him everything he wants, but finding another prince's stolen ship and its stolen cargo means befriending his only lead on the theft: a captured pirate named Leonardo whose gruff and foul-mouthed exterior hides more than Argus bargained for. Because as illicit feelings begin to grow between them, Argus faces a harsh reality: he has to find the stolen ship, especially once he learns the stolen cargo is actually a cannibalistic living god, but Leo's life is forfeit the moment he outlives his usefulness unless Argus can find a way to get everything he wants without destroying his own reputation in the process.

[[word count: 200,000-250,000 words]]