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Of Rust and Gold

Of Rust and Gold

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the gangsta who was dissing your fly girl By Poindexter Completed

As ninth in line for the throne, Argus knows he is never to be king, but that doesn't stop him from seeking every opportunity to gain political power. More than anything he wants to escape his engagement to his cousin and, due to complications surrounding the origins of his birth, to be seen as an equal to his brothers.
      He gets his chance when a diplomatic visit reveals the plot of a stolen cargo ship that could cause national unrest for the empire, its alliances, and possibly even war.
      However, finding the stolen cargo proves to be more difficult than he thought and his only captured suspect, a pirate named Leonardo, won't tell him all the secrets he's keeping. As Argus and Leo grow closer, both to each other and discovering where the cargo disappeared, they uncover a plot that threatens the lives of their allies and enemies alike.

Cover by: NinthShard

That last sentence is pretty long, I think it would help if you broke it up into more than one sentence. c:
Great start! I honestly don't see anything you'd need to improve on. You introduced the characters, the world, and plot very well. You used description and showed rather than told in the right amounts. I can't wait to read more. 
I'll pop in and say that this is an easy read so far, and I think that, since I'm not looking for errors, that I'm enjoying this more than I had the first time.
Awesome line. And I think, if you end it after 'in the world' and remove the rest, it would sound even better! Author knows best, though : )
I like the cultural aspect that they eat the spiciest meal for breakfast. Your world-building skills are spectacular!
I'll just pop in and agree here with the two below posters. I think putting a comma before the 'and' after 'legitimate will help a little for reading on wattpad.