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A Little Big Crush

A Little Big Crush

86.5K Reads 3.6K Votes 54 Part Story
♔ (╥﹏╥) ♔ By lowkeywifey Completed

"Love the person,not the gender" ~Author 

Lauren's Jauregui,the hot green eyed goddess in 5H. She finds herself not so hot anymore when she starts to fall for y/n and she can't control herself knowing y/n has a girlfriend who she thinks is way hotter than her.

After you and Lauren try dating all fails and you break up months later-you bump into each other again and decide destiny brought you together.

You begin dating again and this time more traumatizing things happen. How will you deal with haters and how will she feel about it?

Published : January 18 , 2016

Completed : May 22 , 2016

knjvlogs knjvlogs Jul 11, 2016
How do you cry over someone you don't know hahahahahahaha 
                              Wait let me but up, I cried over Lexa lolol
WWELizzieBanks1 WWELizzieBanks1 Jun 20, 2016
I've been thinking about you daily can't wait to see your face
hxxd_5sos hxxd_5sos Jan 30
I'm 15 and I never post my picture with make up on. I don't even where them lolssssssss
Camzi_Laurenzi Camzi_Laurenzi Sep 29, 2016
Mine look black it's feels great to actually have brown eyes.
heIlaemotional heIlaemotional Nov 13, 2016
I look sick without makeup and I still don't wear it so idk what this beautiful crap is