Love The Way You Lie Kylo Ren X Reader

Love The Way You Lie Kylo Ren X Reader

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"Get her! Don't let her escape!" Six men in white armor and heavy loaded guns run t'word you. You stand up from the cold snow and start running as fast as your legs could go.  

        "Where the hell am I?!"You scream looking back at what was now eight men in white, running t'words you. The cold air was hitting your lungs making it hard to breath while running over logs and trees making sure you don't fall over. 

You look back one more time as you suddenly bump into something big and hard making you fall flat on your back with a  'thud'. You look up and see a man towering over you dressed in all black and a mask covering every inch of his face.... 

Hello Lovelies!! 
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Now if you have any other ideas for books I should write don't hesitate to tell me. I have watched Black Butler and Host Club. So if you like that anime and you want an x reader TELL MEH. 


(I'm sorry if it is not as good. It is my first story and I have not edited it. Basically saying ITS REALLY CRINGY SO BE WARNED!!)

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Okay, this is actually really good so far! But-
                              That 'breath' at the end of one paragraph is getting to me.
                              ITS brEaThE-
                              Anyway like I said this is really good so far, excluding the minor editing mistakes.
Muriel_Thompson03 Muriel_Thompson03 Jul 09, 2017
I'm sorry. But did that last paragraph there make this entire fanfic turn into a song fic? Idk what the fuk just happened. But it happened. So imma get the fuk up on outta here. *leaves before people can murder me*
Oh NO tHE GovErnMEnt FOunD Me
                              StAn PReParE THe GeTAWay C - 
                              ToO LAte
adipidada adipidada Dec 30, 2016
Me: *hears twigs crack and loud rustle* *runs* nope,nope,NOPE NOPE, GO HOME ,GOIN TO BED , GOIN HOME , GOIN TO BED. I WILL NOT BE THE FIRST ONE TO DIE!
Monicaswags Monicaswags Jan 07, 2017
Don't say that you hope I like it because I ALREADY LOVED IT! It's very descriptive just the way my taste likes it and I heart it so much to be honest!! 💗💗💗💗
adipidada adipidada Dec 30, 2016
Me: I just got these.....*sigh* whelp time to leave this creep forest before , I don't want to be that chick in the horror movie who dies first.