The Melodious Murderer

The Melodious Murderer

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maddie By AltoPentaholic Updated Feb 21, 2016


Someone on tour passed away. In simpler terms, they were murdered. Nobody knew how or why it happened. It happened so fast. Nobody knew why anybody would ever kill such a wonderful and kind person.

When more people die, it is up to the members of Pentatonix to find out who did it. Even if it kills them.


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I was shaking while thinking that I thought it was Kirstie I sighed in relief... phew!!!
veaiscool veaiscool Apr 08
                              PEOPLE SHED ABOUT 100 STRANDS OF HAIR A DAY
                              THISE TWO QUEENS PRACTICALLY LIVE IN THE BUS
                              HOW WOULD THEIR HEAIR NOT BE THERE?!?
JennCate28 JennCate28 Apr 13, 2017
How did anyone know she was the tour manager? Literally every single one of your fans know who Esther is
gayyoutubeships gayyoutubeships Mar 17, 2017
There family 'breathing in rhythmically in unison' 😰😰😰❤❤❤❤❤
smallsquish smallsquish Apr 23, 2017
I thought that said Avi and I was like "when da hell did Avi and Scott become boyfriends"
I swear if she like sleep murdered I'm-
                              But it's probably someone either avious to throw us off or the least expected