The Vampire King's Lost Daughter

The Vampire King's Lost Daughter

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None Ya Business By loverbooks231 Updated Sep 20, 2017

How would you feel if you were raised by werewolves, only to find out you're not one of them and that they actually stole you from your actual parents who are vampire royals? Well if you're like me, you didn't take it too well. Especially since I was just dropped off at my real parents castle front door steps.

I know they know I'm here. I was captured by vampires and brought here, so how could they not. 

I wonder what they're thinking. Will they like me? Am I dressed right? Do I look like them? What should I say to them? Hello? Hey? Will they even remember having a daughter? Are they nice?  Do I have siblings? More and more questions were flying through my head, but when the door creaks open. My brain goes blank and I freeze.

Cover by @gansterbabe13
#91 Vampire (6-16-2016)

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cclvu_ cclvu_ Mar 18
omg i can't *sips tea* *throws herself off the nearest bridge*
kwonhoshituan kwonhoshituan Jan 15, 2016
Katy_the_demon Katy_the_demon Dec 31, 2015
Omg thanks for telling me to read your other book when u updated your werewolf one! I gotta day I love I already and I can't wait to read more! I have always dodged vampire books, and the ones I read were cheesy and boring, but this is amazong! :D
- - Dec 30, 2015
Omg... I love this! Please come out with the next chapter soon! Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!