My Art Book

My Art Book

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Yza vi Britannia Emo-kun By 8mefox Updated Apr 09

(Updated Desc.)
Hello XD
Welcome to my Art Book, where I post random things, actual art and anything else that I want to publish here. As you can see, I'm still evolving as an artist, I just cringe at my older drawings and realise how much I improved ;;^^
I mainly do anime/manga style drawings using cheap supplies, cause I'm still in highschool and I can't afford fancy Copics or PrismaColours, or Polychromos; so I make do with Sharpies and Crayola and Crawford & Black and Scribblious XD
So my art updates will be irregular as I use cheaper materials and I procrastinate a bunch- but I hope you stick around to see my art evolve and stuff XD
Here's a list on my most often used materials so people won't ask in the comments XD
Most Often Used Materials
Crawford & Black HB Pencils
Crayola 12 Pack (Cause Crayola's apparently aren't budget enough for my parents lol)
Crawford & Black XX Coloured Pencil Set (I'll add the numbers later, k?)
Scribblious Coloured Pencils I stole off my brother 
0.38 Fineliner Pen
White Eraser
A4 Printer Paper (I don't like using fancy paper, probably cause this is what I'm most used too)
Time (Drawings can take 10+ hours so yea)
iPad and Phone
My hands

Materials I also use but are less commonly used
Sharpie Markers
Any different colouring medium that isn't my coloured pencil magic lol

Art Inspirations~ (so thank you)
Kazue Kato-chan
Yusei Matsui-kun
Sui Ishida-san
Takeshi Obata-sama
Seiji Senpai

So yea XD
Hope you stick around
Fox out!

(Old Desc.)
Well I PERSONALLY think I'm good at art and I've seen other art books around Wattpad, so I thought I'd give it a shot. This book will just have my artworks in it, and I don't mind you guys using it, as long as you give credit to me. I'll do requests aswell, but this wont be updated often so :P. Anyways, sit back, relax and enjoy my art. ^-^

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Jonathan_Natsu Jonathan_Natsu Apr 22, 2016
o mah goodness i love ur drawing i wish i was creative as u are!!
Kuubixient Kuubixient Nov 27, 2016
A really good drawing!! I can't really draw those mecha types ;; but urs is pretty cool!