[C] That Video Tape - k.t.h

[C] That Video Tape - k.t.h

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bootyfoolhana By kokocrush- Completed

Get and watch the video tape. I agree, everything will change and you will not be happy forever.

"You watched that video. Your life is not long anymore"

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[completed - 2016]

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- - Mar 22, 2016
Sya sorang basher yang berkualiti.. ops mian.. im just kidding ;*
- - Mar 22, 2016
Wae used malay?? But nvm i can't read malay actually... im curious about this story and i like to read mystery and yeahh...nice story man... maybe girl..kkkk
AzryCekyah AzryCekyah Jan 27
errmm ,,,sye bce nie dh lme ...tpy sye missed ep bpe ntah jdy nk kna bce smule and sye nk tnye sbnar nye...mcm mne nk gne whattpad nie sbnar nye?!...(^_^)
Hieristmichelle Hieristmichelle Feb 11, 2016
I'm so sad I don't understand anything. ㅠㅠ. I really wanted to read this tbh. ;-;
SquishyJiKook SquishyJiKook Mar 01, 2016
I want to read this so bad but I cant understand it T.T i wish I can understand malay. Theres alot of genre that I love especially horror omg.
sy seorang basher kepd haters...K Kiding....just nk. komen je....heheeehehehhejee