From Beta's Sister to Alpha's Mate (Book 1: Completed)

From Beta's Sister to Alpha's Mate (Book 1: Completed)

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Just call me Kat By WritingMyPassion Completed

***This is an R-rated story, there are sexual situations and if you are not comfortable with that please proceed with caution.***

Life has made a turn for the worst. My Dad died, my brother is Beta of our pack and I am being shipped off to Cali to meet the new Alpha and witness my father's funeral. And possibly make a few new changes along the way.

Here's my story of how I went from Beta's Daughter to Beta's Sister to Alpha's Mate . . .

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trinkrazo trinkrazo Mar 09, 2017
Why would he have gone into the trees to change?  It was just another male.
trinkrazo trinkrazo Mar 09, 2017
He should take care of her or will take care of her, there is a huge difference in that wording.
joshdunstongue joshdunstongue Sep 30, 2016
I didn't realize the POV's were switched and I was so confused when she put her hand on his bicep xD
Alis_inWonderland987 Alis_inWonderland987 Feb 10, 2017
He sounds like my older brother. I'm legit not kidding my bro does push-ups for FUN
BaBy_Cakes02 BaBy_Cakes02 Jul 01, 2016
My brother once told me if he finds me crying he's going to kill whoever put me through pain like once he beat this guy up when he broke up with me over text
Onew_is_Mine Onew_is_Mine Nov 10, 2016
Alpha or not, I would be upset that I had to arrange all the funeral stuff myself also. I mean, wouldn't she want to participate since it's her dad? But that's just my opinion.