Gravity Falls lemons

Gravity Falls lemons

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Zim membrane By Dipperpines78551 Updated Mar 31, 2016

Ok this is just going to be random characters getting it on hard this will be extremely sexual and it will be all kind of different ships from the fallowing shows/videos I don't care if you don't like the ship or not just kidding I actually do ok here are the shows/vids 

Over The Garden Wall 
Gravity Falls
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 

There will be cross overs and if I missed any shows just tell me and I hope you perverts in joy just kidding but I do hope you in joy ok bbbbyyyyeeee XDXDXDXD

*imagines 15 year old dipper without shirt* 
Bil bill bill bill bill
                              Bill nye the science guy
                              Not the time?
Not to be rude but 'ruff' isn't a word, it's 'rough', also 'ruffer' isn't a word, it would be 'rougher', just letting you know
There are no periods in this thing second of all this is inappropriate third of all this is disgusting fourth of all you have no, is where they're supposed to be, you said painting instead of panting okay that is not okay I did not have fun reading this and I hope that you don't make more.
*sings* Hey sister, no the water's sweet but *sings in a demonic voice* blood is thicker! *smirks
i dont need it, i dont need it-
                              I NEED ITTTTT!!!!!
                              (I love this so much i voted! Keep it up!)