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Jadine By mahreen97 Updated Jun 18

"An eternal love like Romeo and Juliet"

Fate's cruelest games had separated them from each other. Can Fate also be the means of their reunion?

A heart touching love story which began in Somerset, one summer, fourteen years ago . Fate brings back the lovers together again. This time, sealing their fates together, forever in marriage.

Will they be able to rekindle their love again?
Will their sparks fly in the summer of countryside?


Artherio can't stop thinking about the enchanting maiden, whom he met one summer in Somerset.

Melissa often dreams about her summer love. The man who looked like a Greek God, whom she encountered in the countryside of Somerset.

"Somerset sings the tune of summer love"

"One summer is not enough to fall in love"

Take a walk with me in Somerset and join me in this exciting journey to see two people falling madly in love with each other.

A beautiful evergreen love story.

A modern version of the all time favourite classic novella of Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice.

Cover- Bradford_bad_gurl1
Trailer: Lucaya Trash
Trailer: Lindsey Rain

Note: The Greek Billionaires Goddess and it's sequel His Goddess has been combined. You will find two books in this book .

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Haadiiiyah Haadiiiyah Jun 04
 #BBC @ploiuiu 
                              The lessons of the two chapters are so true, it reflects real life.  Again the flow was amazing, but you could have write a bit longer in this chapter.😊
What is Somerset exactly? The second sentence isn't quite clear.
I don't know why but it reminds me of Eleven Minutes by Paolo Coelho
1 you’re right
                              2 playboys can’t play when they’re old ;)
                              3 I agree 
                              4 nothing wrong w Greek men! Uhh Greek Gods!
                              5 I guess you have a pint
                              6 if he’s a playboy does that mean he’s rich? 🤔
officiallyobsessed- officiallyobsessed- Aug 27, 2017
A few grammatical errors here, mostly in capitalization. Otherwise, I love your writing style!
officiallyobsessed- officiallyobsessed- Aug 27, 2017
I like how your chapters flow easily, and that they aren't too long. Each chapter so far makes me want to scroll down for more!