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Talking Bodies ✓ | daddy kink

Talking Bodies ✓ | daddy kink

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⭐S A R A⭐ By Girl_full_of_Sarcasm Completed

All his life, Graham Rodriguez had one and only one principle that he'd always gone by; "The more you care, the more it will hurt." And that was probably why he didn't like showing his emotions that much. 

For a drop dead gorgeous man, he had a low self esteem, and way too much insecurities, and had been left too many times for him to count. And now, with sarcasm as his only defense against stupid, his brother complex, his expressionless nonchalance, he was WAY out of his depth playing booty call to a man he didn't see coming for him even in his wildest dreams.

And especially when that man was world famous, exceedingly narcissistic, knew almost nothing about Graham, was obsessively possessive, couldn't tell his head from his ass, a lot of things were bound to happen.

And they might just realize that it was more than just talking bodies with them.


Details inside.

The breathtaking cover is made by my lovely @SuperSonicPaGer. ❤

kristelgrace6 kristelgrace6 Mar 19, 2016
Finally! A book with full-on gay smut on every chapter! I've been waiting for something like this to happen. Thank you for making my wish come true!
maryemeltahan maryemeltahan Jul 02, 2016
If we had any innocence left we wouldn't be reading gay smutt babes
JohnerZulueta JohnerZulueta Nov 30, 2016
Yasss Daddy Kink! ☻😈
                              (+omg, it's Matt Dallas in the cast! Haha 😂😋 but i dont think his husband, Blue Hamilton, would wanna see him being roughly fůcked by... nevermind. I bet it's so hot they had a threesome 😂😋😏)
luna_3383 luna_3383 Sep 28, 2016
Awww, I was really hoping for some bdsm, oh well, at least there's some daddy kink...
Sabinegswag Sabinegswag Nov 18, 2016
This is a rarity bless ur heart 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
-electrified -electrified Jun 26, 2016
I saved this to read when it was finished, but idc this is long enough. Leggo!