SpongeBob X Reader

SpongeBob X Reader

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Arya SquarePants By spongebobbiggestfan Completed

An adorable and touching short created by spongebobbiggestfan staring the one and only SpongeBob Squarepants. In this Fanfiction you will actually experience how a relationship with a certain yellow porous sea sponge would be like.

~ Spongebobbiggestfan

(Update 3 years later: I cringed so hard at that description! Well y'all can now join me)

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W E  A R E  T I G H T E R  T H A N  B A R K  O N  A  T R E E 
                              O H  O K 
                              S A N T I A G O
Buggygum12 Buggygum12 5 days ago
"Sandy, don't talk to my sponge daddy he's mine!" *Megaloviania play- no I mean the krusty krab theme plays*  "You're gonna have a krusty time." ;)
Yuriosfam Yuriosfam Jan 07
I'm a ground squirrel that can survive underwater  in a tree house that only has about 2 days worth of air in it woo who
Yuriosfam Yuriosfam Jan 07
Wait if you were made for each other are u like cupheads sister/brother
Buggygum12 Buggygum12 5 days ago
"Well, shooot y/n! why haven't you done tell me before? I could done hook you twos up!  Eh wanna talk bout' Texas?
Yuriosfam Yuriosfam Jan 07
☺😕😑😧 Mk what ever the ship just sunk ladies and gentlemen