SpongeBob X Reader

SpongeBob X Reader

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Arya SquarePants By spongebobbiggestfan Completed

An adorable and touching short created by spongebobbiggestfan staring the one and only SpongeBob Squarepants. In this Fanfiction you will actually experience how a relationship with a certain yellow porous sea sponge would be like.

~ Spongebobbiggestfan

(Update 3 years later: I cringed so hard at that description! Well y'all can now join me)

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I freaking laught when I saw this, I just love how the fangirls screw things up so I can make fun of them
ArriannaB4 ArriannaB4 Apr 02
SpongeBob is so stupid and I really don't like him😴💩😈👿👹
I am 16 years old, I'm watching spongebob, watched it all my life honestly, and now I've come here. What am I 😂😂
I thought Squidward was that type of squid/guy that is like "Idgaf." "What is my life?" "Go away, I don't need friendship."
Sm1leD0g Sm1leD0g Apr 02
                              I didn't really think people created Spongebob x readers! 
                              I'm so stupid to not know they did XD
Yuriosfam Yuriosfam Jan 07
Why...HEY DADDY I SMACKED THESE HOES! XD ( jeffy reference )