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Shadow Bite

Shadow Bite

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Sophi@K By SophiaKjeldbjerg Completed

A tear slides down my cheek and my assaulter stands upright again, sending me a smirk as he wipes the tear away. His canines are splattered with scarlet blood -my blood- and when I touch the place he bit me with my finger, it comes back covered in red. 

"I'll see you soon, Cami. You'll see, things will only be more exciting from here." He turns his back to me to walk away but suddenly stops, turning his head back to me. "Has your sister mentioned me at all?" My mouth falls open and no sound comes out so he just shakes his head with a laugh. "Ah... she likes to keep me a secret. Until the next, Camilla..." And with that, he is gone right before my eyes. It's as if the bubble pops because when I close my eyes and open them again, the halls are completely empty and I'm panting against the wall. 

I bring my hand to the bite on my neck. Nothing. It comes back clean. A terrified sigh escapes my lips and I slide down the wall, staring into emptiness. 


Copyright All Rights Reserved@2016 Sophia Kjeldbjerg

booknerd2525 booknerd2525 Jun 02, 2016
I sleepwalk. Not often but it happens, freaks my mom and sister out sometimes
VAMPIREB00 VAMPIREB00 Aug 04, 2016
I have always loved original Werewolves 
                              The huge furry clawed half man half wolf beasts! 
                              I don't think you're weird I find it sexy 
                              (Werewolf boyfriend) would be so hot to have ❤❤❤❤
Jinx_Mage Jinx_Mage Apr 27, 2016
Is there a reason why some of the dialogue is written like this (without quotation marks, etc)?
cosplaylover31 cosplaylover31 Jun 23, 2016
I am gonna picture them as teen wolf werewolves. But that's me loving teen wolf.
MidnightsMoon MidnightsMoon Aug 28, 2016
"I prefer the other one" has been added to my lexicon of smart remarks, love it!  Thanks, :-)  he he
soso_wonder soso_wonder Jun 15, 2016
O god no we had to sing a parody of do wanna build a snowman last infront of the parents then our evil headmistress made us sing it in front of the younger kids when we were the eldest cause some of us pissed her off