Dragon slayer season

Dragon slayer season

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Japan's Little Fox By _wendymarvell Updated Jul 13, 2016

Nastu pov 
I looked around the guild. My eyes landed strait on Lucy. 

She was talking with Macao and wakaba. Lucy was there for me, along with the rest of the guild.

She might not be the strongest, but she makes me stronger. With her sweet voice, and that smile that could replace the sun.

I know what your thinking. When did I go from dense nastu to this. Truth is, I don't know. It just came in my mind!

I looked more around the guild to see lisanna talking with mirajane. Lisanna was my childhood friend who stuck up for me. 

We used to play together till the sun was tired, and dropped. It was the worst years of my life when she left.

But something about 2 years before she came back kept me happy and strong. Yes of course my friends did. But there was someone special. No not happy! Ok kind of happy. But I mean something REALLY special. Lucy. Admitting that spread through me, echoing in my mind a million times. I smiled at the though of her. The one who alw...

She effin beat you up without even using magic. LUCY KICK!!!
Dear lissana,
                              Roses are red,
                              Violets are blue,
                              Natsu's for lucy,
                              Not for you.
Can I just say this?..........why is there only 1 female dragonslayer?
AngelZWolf AngelZWolf May 02
Whenever Natsu has a  'plan' Lucy ends up naked ... I'm guessing this is no ( forgetting word.. Still can't remember ) different (we will go with that )
ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!! WE'VE GOT A FORTH WALL BREAKER I REPEAT WE'VE GOT A FORTH WALL BREA- sister: SHUT UP!! (It's almost 1 in the morning, I was actually yelling..)
Cause what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller