Emilia De Santigo | 18+

Emilia De Santigo | 18+

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𝘌𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘪𝘢 By rosenoirwrites Updated Dec 10, 2020

• Mature Audience •

Emilia De Santigo had been born into the life that anyone would pray to have. Being the daughter of the mafia boss and drug cartel lord, Fariello De Santigo, She'd never fallen short of wealth, Protection, and respect. 

When she flees from her home at a young age in search of freedom, a sane person would be quick to believe she had lost her mind. 

Now living a mundane life with a pseudonym "Amelia Davis", she's forced to change her appearance to hinder her family or their business ties from identifying her. 

Years later, she's discovered and forced to move back to Italy. She imagines only the worst as her punishment for defying her family's expectations.

She is then charged with joining an Italian-American company as an assistant to Leonelli Gianpiero, the mafia boss who is penned as the drug lord of New York City. Her goal is to attain as much information about his business through seduction, passion, and lust.

The real challenge lies in the golden band fastened around his slender finger. Emilia soon realizes that her task is not as simple as she'd been led on to believe but she isn't one to turn down a challenge.

She has no choice to.

And with old flames and foes threatening her confidential position, Emilia finds herself backed in a corner with limited choices and her life hanging on the line.