Melting his cold heart• yoonmin

Melting his cold heart• yoonmin

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was ||kookietaedoolyy|| By jeonsann Updated Jun 23

The cute new guy and the cold emotion-less guy are being paired up for a music project.

When they have to write a song about love. What will the genius Yoongi who was never taught love do? 

What will Park Jimin who had no experience of writing music but has love surrounding him do?

Min Yoongi refused to talk to Park Jimin until that day, that meant to be normal day when Jimin found out his long kept secret.

"You're annoying. Go away"

"You're music to my ears."

It should be 'Ne' not 'Nae' cause in hangeul it is 네 not  내 , hehe~ 😊
J-hoee J-hoee Jun 12
It would be fun if he stucked out his middle finger instead, lol i can imagine it.
He don't need one
                              He has you
                              Like TAEKOOK, they don't need girlfriends they have each other
Omg. I just close my 'characters in wattpad that has to be killed' book list. Now I have to open it again?! *sigh*
I got two words for everyone 
*plays house of cards and plays Jimin's bit* WHY YOU ALWAYS LYINNN'